Your GUARANTEE for high quality.

CompacTree is providing the original spare parts and the original service

At our site at Ørstedsvej 26 in Ribe, Denmark, we have the most needed parts in stock.

  • At our new site, we have over 400 m² with spare parts.
  • As producers we have all the important and relevant product informations for the machines.
  • Our danish subcontractors are ensuring a fast line of supply if needs occur.
  • Our company handles daily dispatchings all around the world.
  • We are ready with our service cars, for scheduled and urgent service.

You can find CompacTree at Ørstedsvej 26 in Ribe, Denmark, about 60 Min. from the border to Germany

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Ørstedvej 26, DK-6760 Ribe

CVR: 35381112​​

Telefon: +45 70 70 10 65