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CT 1500 - the original packing machine

We are producing the CT 1500, prepared to fit a left- or right-hand mounted Netop or CT-conveyor

We reinforced the CT 1500 and lowered the building height of the tower to 3,35 m.

The CT 1500 can be combined with a CT-Conveyor or CT-Elevator, that are all transporting trees op into the CT 1500.

With a CT 1500 you are packing:

CompacTree - pallets, CC-containers and EURO-pallets with christmas trees from 0,6 to 3,0 m directly in the plantation.

CT 1500:

  • High quality
  • Adaptable
  • High operational reliabillity
  • Updated to the newest security demands
  • The original packing machine
  • Ensured supply of spare parts

CT 1500 can be mounted on an ordinary tractor with hydraulic outlet.

With a CT 1500, you pick up the pallet, lower the steering frame over it and are ready for packing trees.
When the loading height raises, the steering frame can be raised as well and the trees can be pressed back.

CT 1500 and 2 men are coping with all packing.

​CT 1500 video

​CT 1500 pictures

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