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​NETOP - the original netting machine

We are now building the NETOP for mounting on the left or on the right side of the tractor

NETOP is netting trees from 0,6 m til 3,0 m directly into the CT 1500. You can save three handlings and increase the packing speed at the same time.

The machine works with hydraulic catchers and a belt conveyor.
The root end of the tree is placed in the net cartridge between the catchers and the machine is activated by a shoulder button.

The catchers close and pull tree and net in.

A rotating wheel pushes down on the tree, while the conveyor belt is transporting it up to the CT 1500.

​NETOP netting machine is:

  • High operational reliabillity
  • Adaptable
  • High quality
  • Updated to newest security demands
  • The original netting machine
  • Ensured supply of spare parts
  • The machine will quickly earn itselv back.

​​NETOP works with standard net and is delivered with 3 cartridges:

1 pc. Ø 25cm, 1 pc. Ø 31cm og 1 pc. Ø 34cm

NETOP is able to net a tree every 7. second

​NETOP video​

NETOP pictures​

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