The original netting and packing machines for christmas trees, made by CompacTree. 

Your GUARANTEE for high quality.

About CompacTree

​CompacTree is back and has startet the production of the original netting and packing machines up again.

CompacTree has been a well known company throughout the years, as a producer of machinery for christmas tree production.

CompacTree is known for high quality, and as a result a large number of machines are harvesting huge amounts of christmas trees all over europe.

The experiences from these machines, working under varying and some times difficult operating conditions, has been integrated in the further developement of our machinery.​

This is your guarantee for high operational reliability and a good harvest.​

CompacTree was taken over in 2013 and operates today by Dansk Træemballage A/S and Rilesa ApS in cooperation.

We guarantee a continous strong technical development of both company and products.

We have our own production facilities with all the necessary tools for developing CompacTree.

Faster and easier

NETOP and CT 1500 can be mounted on an ordinary tractor with hydraulic outlet.


With a NETOP, you can net trees in the plantation.

With a CT 1500 you are packing Compactree® pallets, CC-containers

and EURO pallets with christmas trees from 0,6 to 3 meter directly in the fields.

Best for the price

We deliver the original quality to competitive prices.

Original quality

NETOP and CT 1500 are produced again in the same genuine quality.

The machines are fully updated to the newest security demands.

NETOP netting machine

​Flexible and reliable net machine that can be located on the right or left side of the tractor. Packs Christmas trees from 0.6m to 3m.


​Quality packing machine that can be put on a regular tractor. You only need a staffing of 2.

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CVR: 35381112​​

Telefon: +45 70 70 10 65